To add material to Blender or to export your material to library you can simply in a few steps. More detailed they are described in the instruction below.

libitems Hello all!
We glad to inform you about updating version to beta 0.1.1 and supporting of Mac platform. A lot of changes were implemented. Since now we will distribute an application with installers and archive packages (archive packages will not have possibility to update automatically)

Attention for all users of Library Items.  
There has been occurred some problems with server of And we have to restore all data from 24.07.2015. Please pay attention that situations was happened because it is Alpha version of project and we test out performance capabilities.

We will do the best from our side to prevent such situations in future

libitems Hello, in this version of the simplified form of registration, correcting problems with registration, and appeared Linuh x64 version .deb

the following plans to release a version Mac.


You can download version using the link: DOWNLOAD

libitemsHi everyone,

here we came to the first public release of our product Library Items. We will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

At this stage, we're releasing a version for Windows, next version will be for Linux and then for Mac.

You can download version using the link: DOWNLOAD


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