1. You need to activate addon ‘Lib Items’ in Blender Addons. Open File -> Blender User Preferences -> Add-ons -> Material and activate "Lib Items"


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image 01

switch to tab Materials and you will see  "Library Items"

select from the list material and press "Save to library"


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 image 02

It will be opened a dialog of new material item

new item2

image 03



1. it is a type of library

  Local library - this library will be located on your computer.

  Online User Library - is a library that will store your items on the server but they do not don't necessarily have to be public.

  Global Library - is a global library, you can publish your data (items). You will be able to distribute items for free use or sell them.

2. You have to select category where material will be located

3. Name of material. This name will be displayed in the library and also in Blender after importing.

4. Click "+" it is a dialog of adding preview picture, the size of picture should be 1024х1024px.

5. Generation and adding of preview item.

icon open scene item  It is a dialog of adding preview picture, the size of picture should be 1024х1024px.
Opens a dialog with selection of scenes  image 04.

icon edit description item  It opend editor where you add description of material. To add description to new material press "Save"

icon add tag item It is very important point. From these words it will depend on how quicky other users will be able to find this material; specify the words separated by commas. For example, we have a green matte plastic, so it requires to set for it: plastic, green, matte

icon add preview render item Additional renders. you can add other pictures that will demostrate your material.

icon group item Additional item in group (This function disable. )(Group is in development)

6. Read and accept the license if you want to add material.




open scene render

image 04

After Blender with be launched with all appropriate  scene settings.




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