Library Items Interface.

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1. hide left panel (Shortcut Ctrl+L)

2. hide right panel (Shortcut Ctrl+R)


interface client list library  - types of libraries

interface client home - Home page - main page User home page - this page with news and updates only for user (it is currently absent and being developedŃ–)

interface client add new items  - the list item’s types that you can create without Blender

interface client type view item - variants how previews can look

interface client scale preview - changing of picture’s size in the list

interface client temp list item - panel with temporary items, items are dragged & dropped here from main window

interface client panel comment - panel of comments. Here all comments are displayed from all open items

interface client setting - Settings

interface client support - Support

new item small - new item


Drag and Drop (the is no yet direct dragging into blender)

1. Dragging into temporary panel

2. Dragging adds material into Blender

3. Dragging  adds material into your library

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+1 #1 Rob Wesseling 2016-04-23 18:11
crap , I waisted time , there is no addon at all

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